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Where Has Macy Gray Been Hiding?

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Macy Gray’s daughter Tahmel Hinds pushes the cart for her mom as they head to the car after grocery shopping at Ralphs supermarket on in Los Angeles, Ca on December 13, 2009. Chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon in LA is the way to go. Can’t wait to see what work Macy comes out with next.
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April 3, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Should we save Hip Hop Clothing king Marc Ecko?

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The Ecko brand has been apart of the urban lifestyle for a hot minute. I wake up today at my usual 5:00 a.m. time, go make the hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer, and sit down at my iMac, ready for business and reading The Harvard Business Review. This is a daily ritual. I stumble upon an article by The New York Post detailing how Marc Ecko might lose majority ownership of his company and brand.

Hip Hop Clothing and Lifestyle Kingpin Marc Ecko

Hip Hop Clothing and Lifestyle Kingpin Marc Ecko

I’ve always liked Marc Ecko and everything his company stood for. It was inspired by graffiti and some of my greatest friends are the dopest graf artists there are such as LiquidScape who took art crimes and turned them into a positive force in the Bay Area graffiti and political scene in San Jose, California.

I’ve purchased several Marc Ecko pieces of hip hop clothing including 3 watches, jeans, baseball caps, hoodies, and T-shirts. Ecko is a prominent lifestyle brand for me along with my other hip hop lifestyle clothing options in my closet. Ecko is one of my top selections when I dip into my closet and head out into the urban scene in Atlanta.

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I was shocked at seeing such a talented brand rainmaker in a situation to have to sell off a majority stake in his company to Iconix. Apparently, Marc Ecko and his CEO are not speaking to one another and I know the behind the scenes reason why. Marc and his CEO know they are having financial issues trying to pay a multi-million line of credit to a manufacturer who makes their clothes in Southeast Asia. Sales have dipped making it tough to make the LOC payment. Pressed to do his job and find a viable solution, the CEO MUST go find money and find it now before Ecko falls victim of bankrupty.

As all good CEO’s do, he starts to sell off licenses of certain parts of the hip hop clothing and lifestyle brand rainmaker to investors to raise capital. But, this time, he finds the investor Iconix and they pitch a deal to take over majority ownership of the Manhattan Midtown firm. What do you do? You have a looming $70 Million line of credit and you must make a payment. If Iconix takes 51% ownership, they control the direction of Marc Ecko and he becomes an employee of his own brand name.

This is a tough situation to be in and I’ve been there before. It’s a personal decision that only Mr. Ecko can answer. God speed to the Marc Ecko brand but it begs the question: Should hip hop save Marc Ecko?

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September 22, 2009 at 7:03 am

Internet Thugs dominate Twitter and Social Media

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Lately, I’ve seen the rise of Internet thugs on Twitter and on artists and celebrities comment boards on YouTube, etc. Just today, I was watching the beautiful Serena Williams’ HP innovative commercial on YouTube.

The video was awesome and then I just happened to scroll down on the video and see the proliferation of racist, sexist, thuggery that dominated the comments.

The Incomparable Internet Thug

The Incomparable Internet Thug

I went to Chamillionaire’s website to take a listen to his Mixtape Messiah mixtape and buy it and saw some of the comments and was very turned off by the comments themselves. It seems as though everyone with a computer, high speed Internet connection, and a voice wants to come up thuggish when it comes to comments.

The most interesting thing about these Internet thugs is that they are usually the smallest person in the room with the least amount of confidence in person. At the job, they may be disgruntled with what the boss or manager says, but will never even come close to mentioning how they feel directly to the manager. So, why take on a new personality and new status on Twitter, You Tube, or Facebook if you’re really afraid in real life?

Because you can. Behind your screen name is the real you. The hidden you. The hidden anger, jealousy, rage, emotion, racist, sexist you. It’s the perfect alter ego to a crazy world. In the real world, you have to be fake. You can’t ever tell anyone how you feel for fear you will hurt their feelings. So, because people’s inner feelings and thoughts are so suppressed, they completely come unleashed on the computer. You feel a real sense of power and self-empowerment on the computer that you can call someone anything you want behind the computer screen. There are ZERO repercussions and no one, not even your moms, is going to straighten you out and correct you.

It’s the breeding ground for contempt, anger, hatred, remorse, personal violation, and contention. It is the best place to yell somebody down in the street when in the actual street you’d act like a mouse and scurry away not to be seen. But no one wants to be a mouse so the Internet and Twitter allows you to be a king/queen for a day and even every single day. In fact, you can find certain popular music and celebrity boards and Twitter and curse everyone out freely just because you can. AWESOME! Welcome to the wild world of Internet thuggery and Social Media destruction.

And by the way, thugs come in all forms: black, brown, yellow, white, green, red, pink, blue, male, female, fat, skinny, thick, round, frail, and frumpy.

Written by undagroundmilli

September 21, 2009 at 1:34 pm

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. you thought you knew

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Many people think they know the public persona of Money Mayweather. People think because they see him on tv rollerskating through his mansion on HBO that he’s a prude and only cares about money and himself. This is far from the truth as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is, like most successful multi-milionaires, a master at personal branding and public relations. He knows that people will flock to him if he talks crazy and flaunts around like he doesn’t care about anything except money. This is so far from the real Floyd Mayweather Jr. it’s not even funny.

Floyd Mayweather Foundation gives back to the community

Floyd Mayweather Foundation gives back to the community

The real Pretty Boy Floyd is a saint and has the heart of a true champion and giving person. The Floyd Mayweather Foundation’s mission statement is: To empower and encourage community alliances, impact youth leadership, and strengthen family foundations through construction, entrepreneurialism and education resulting in a healthier community. The foundation’s focus is on health and wellness, economic growth and development, and youth education. The Mayweather Foundation will create conditions where residents of all economic levels are able to achieve their maximum health and wellness potential and reduce threats to quality of life related to greater urbanization among other social responsibilities.

The bottom line is that before anyone judge’s Money Mayweather, I encourage all to take a deeper look Beyond the Bling to see what’s really going on and how he really impacts the community at large. Yes, Floyd Money Mayweather is young, black, and famous and YES he cares about the well being of the community at large.

Taylor Swift owes Kanye West an apology

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Kanye West took things way too far but he is responsible for literally blowing up Taylor Swift. Without Kanye, she would be a relatively obscure and unknown artist. Do you think that Ms. Swift owes Kanye an apology or at least a letter of thanks for boosting her career to the next level?

Legendary Turntablist DJ Roc Raida dies

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Damn. 2009 is proving a tough year. DJ Roc Raider has died. Also known as DJ Roc Raida, he was the DJ for X-Men also known as The Xecutioners. Last month, I saw reports that he had been hospitalized and thought nothing of it. As a hip hop fan, I was very concerned about his health though. Roc Raida won numerous DMC championships and I know him via a Bay Area turntablist legend friend of mine DJ Qbert and Ritchie aka Yoga Frog.

Roc Raida worked on some classic hip hop albums including Big Pun’s Capital Punishment and Immortal Techniques Revolutionary. Roc Raida’s real name is Anthony Williams for those who don’t know who I’m referring to. For those who don’t know what the DMC Championships are:

Rest in Peace, brova. Hip hop and the Underground Millionaire mourn your loss. Prayers to the Williams family during this tough time. God bless you all.
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September 19, 2009 at 1:52 pm

Do The Unthinkable and Unfathomable

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Everybody wants to harness how to be successful, now more than ever. Here’s the one secret that is elusive to almost the entire world: do the unthinkable to garner success for yourself and not anyone else. Don’t think about pleasing some corporation, your parents or some job. Think about going to the entire next level for you. Get off Twitter, go on a Facebook fast, and get some MASSIVE stuff crackin’ for yourself.

Candace Allen pictured Making it Happen for herself

Candace Allen pictured Making it Happen for herself

Years ago, I used to motivate my little sister Nandi Rene by singing a song to her when she was a little girl. The song went like this: “Make it happen for yourself.” I had a little tune for it which I will not bore you out of your mind with. I didn’t have to learn this from Russell Simmons, Rev. Run, Master P, or anyone. I learned this for myself. Do not rely on anyone else and take whatever you do to the next level for yourself and everyone else will come running to you and success is yours.

Here’s an example. In order to get myself into a position to beat out New York Yankee former catcher and current skipper Joe Girardi when we were both quarterbacks in high school, I started throwing the football everyday and would do it 500 times. How do I know? I counted every single throw that I made and had a log. I didn’t need some so called guru to tell me this. I did this on my own. I went WAY above and beyond to get results and make it happen for myself. I did the unthinkable. I spent the unthinkable hours providing myself with tools to make the coaches say “WOW!” But it wasn’t even about the coaches. It was about me. It is about YOU.

Make it happen and get things crackin for you. You don’t need anyone to achieve most things in life. I didn’t need a perfect life, a perfect father, a perfect house, or a perfect football field. I needed myself and I needed to throw the ball. That was my goal and I measured it. If you’re a writer and you truly write, finish your book or your script or your articles by Sunday. But do it in a gargantuan way. Do it MASSIVE. Do it NOW. Make it happen for yourself.