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Whoopi Goldberg Says Roman Polanski Didnt Commit Rape Rape

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What does “rape rape” mean exactly? Roman Polanski was 43 and the girl that he raped was 13! Whoopi is a parent and she should know better than to say this crazy madness. Filmmaker Roman Polanski was arrested last weekend in Zurich over this case that happened in 1977. Here’s a rundown of this case. Back in 1977, this Roman Polanski character was doing a photo shoot with a then 13 year old aspiring model. He drugged her and liquored her up with champagne and something called a quaalude and then had sex with her despite her saying no.

Filmmaker Roman Polanski

Filmmaker Roman Polanski

Before the trial hit, he bounced and left the country. You can read the entire story here. It will blow your mind. The biggest issue is why is Whoopi Goldberg defending Roman Polanski? And she defended him on her national show The View? Should someone be defended even if the rape was 30 years ago?

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September 30, 2009 at 5:04 pm

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Derrion Albert – Lessons Learned

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When I was growing up in a rough neighborhood in Peoria, Illinois, the one thing we learned is to never go around a beefing crowd. The murder of the youngster Derrion Albert is very unfortunate. The one thing about crowds is that they get very hyped unnecessarily. I watched the video on Huffington Post, which I’ve decided to not post here, and he got cold clocked by someone who was literally standing right next to him.

Derrion Albert Killers caught on film

Derrion Albert Killers caught on film

In a crowd, you can’t tell your friends from your enemies. And sometimes you have frienemies around you in a hostile crowd. This is a sad state of affairs to see a young black child die in such a senseless manner. But my mother was right. Keep your kid away from the ‘hood if you want your kid to stay alive. The ‘hood is nothing but negativity and people wildin’ out. I pray for Derrion Alberts family in this difficult time but word to black youth: stay away from the crowd and when a fight breaks out, down run into the tornado; run away from it.

I know this is difficult especially when you see your friends caught up in the tornado but these crowds always get onlookers who you don’t know. In Oakland, I saw a huge riot one day near Castlemont High School. The crowd had built up a frenzy and you couldn’t tell which side which kids were on. I decided to NOT jump into the crowd and help because I couldn’t tell friend from foe. I encourage all black kids to stay out of the fray. When the crowd becomes an angry mob, head in the other direction even if you believe it’s braver to head into the storm.

The key to staying alive and protecting ya neck as a black kid is to know when to fight and know when to run. The key is knowing when to run and not letting pride and ego overcome you. Kids will never put down weapons in the ‘hood. It’s too dangerous and most people believe they need to protect themselves. So, I stayed alive by knowing how to stay away from the ‘hood and stay away from senseless mobs. Prayers to the Derrion Albert family and friends who have to deal with this.

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September 28, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Mortgage Crisis Turns Deadly for California Family

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Sunday, September 27, 2009 was a beautiful sun drenched day in Northern California. It was 98 degrees. No clouds in the sky. A breeze whipping off of the Bay. Couldn’t possibly get any better than that. I pick up a newspaper that I would normally throw in the trash and open it up to read what’s inside. I start reading a story about a Bay Area California family whose son requires both a kidney transplant and a heart transplant. But the real news was that Bank of America wants them to pay their mortgage or get out of their house.

The story is the same all over. Bank of America receives billions of dollars in help from the United States and turns around and forces the consumer to pay or get out of their home even if they legitimately cannot pay. This should be considered a crime in America. The big corporation wins and extorts the consumer like a pimp does to a prostitute. There is literally no difference at all.

Elizabeth and Mark Tanner live in Brentwood, California. They are the proud parents of 4 kids. Their youngest son, Aaron Tanner at the age of 4, requires both a heart transplant and a kidney transplant. Bank of America could care less. Like the rest of America, the Tanner’s have had difficulties paying a high mortgage payment based upon a valuation of their home from years ago when Bay Area home values averaged over $600,000.

Aaron Tanner requires a heart and kidney transplant

Aaron Tanner requires a heart and kidney transplant

Mark and Elizabeth Tanner had the mortgage reduced to a payment that they could afford while battling through their sons illness. But what they didn’t factor in was the property taxes that are now in arrears in an amount that exceeds $20,000. Bank of America says that the couple must pay them or get foreclosed on. What a bank! They really love their customers!

When the Tanners first got their mortgage re-modified last year through Bank of America, their property taxes were not factored into the monthly payment. Many customers have their property taxes put into an escrow account and paid every month with the mortgage. But because the initial mortgage payments were rolled into the initial loan re-modification and not due for six months, the Tanners were unaware of the situation and continued to pay the re-modified mortgage amount of $2,900.

They found out that they were in arrears at a rate of $4,000 per month according to Bank of America. The bank sent them a letter stating that unless they pay in full, they will be foreclosed on. This comes at a time when their son is in desperate need of the heart and kidney transplant. To worry about losing their home during this difficult time is enough to drive anyone crazy.

To find out more about the Tanner’s situation you can visit the site about little Aaron Tanner at Save A Broken Heart.

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September 28, 2009 at 7:16 am