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The Young Black Guide To Winning

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Believe it or not, African Americans used to be champions of the world in mathematics. We were so on top of math that we mastered it, built pyramids, and the Greeks would come to Egypt to learn from our masters. When slavery rolled around, people knew that the first thing to take away from people is math and reading if you truly want to conquer them and destroy the mind.

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If you want unbridled success, you must harness mathematics and must master Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus. You must welcome business statistics class and both macro and microeconomics courses. Of course it’s not cool to take any of these classes but what we are dealing with is not who looks the coolest but who comes out on top in the end financially.

If you are 14-25, I need you to focus on school. I don’t care what you don’t have or what you have. Every one is equal when it comes to education. The person who will be able to take care of themselves, have their own home and multiple homes is the person who masters certain components of education.

If you have other dreams of music, sports, theatre, film or whatever, that’s cool too. Focus on mathematics and focus on those other creative aspects of your life as well. Mathematics and business will be the subjects, however, that takes you into the future and builds you into a successful entrepreneur or businessperson.

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Written by undagroundmilli

October 25, 2009 at 12:42 pm

The Secret Success of Black Millionaires

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Becoming a millionaire requires a lot of hard work and dedication but it can start at a young age for black youth. The chances of one becoming a millionaire are greater if you start with the right tools to succeed. Even though in 2009, we are in a recession, there are timeless things that matter when building wealth. There are certain principles of wealth building that will never change no matter what the circumstances.
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During the Great Depression in 1929 in the United States, just as now, many people went belly up and lost their farms across the United States. Banks closed in the hundreds just like today where the United States just recently had its 100th bank closing.

Even though it seems like it, all is not lost on building wealth. You can now buy houses for less than $5,000 and rent them out. The key to buying houses and making a profit is in buying 3 bedroom 2-bathroom houses. Financing these houses is the toughest part but it must be done.

Before you dive deep into trying to figure out how to buy houses, just know that you must run a cash flow analysis on the homes to ensure that they make a profit each month. If the house doesn’t make at least $300 per month after all bills are paid, it makes no financial sense to pursue the deal. Buying houses is the best way to build wealth and not rely on an income or being pushed out of the economy the hard way. It is a must do step for anyone wanting to make a million dollars.

Written by undagroundmilli

October 24, 2009 at 6:12 am