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The Floyd Mayweather Jr. you thought you knew

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Many people think they know the public persona of Money Mayweather. People think because they see him on tv rollerskating through his mansion on HBO that he’s a prude and only cares about money and himself. This is far from the truth as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is, like most successful multi-milionaires, a master at personal branding and public relations. He knows that people will flock to him if he talks crazy and flaunts around like he doesn’t care about anything except money. This is so far from the real Floyd Mayweather Jr. it’s not even funny.

Floyd Mayweather Foundation gives back to the community

Floyd Mayweather Foundation gives back to the community

The real Pretty Boy Floyd is a saint and has the heart of a true champion and giving person. The Floyd Mayweather Foundation’s mission statement is: To empower and encourage community alliances, impact youth leadership, and strengthen family foundations through construction, entrepreneurialism and education resulting in a healthier community. The foundation’s focus is on health and wellness, economic growth and development, and youth education. The Mayweather Foundation will create conditions where residents of all economic levels are able to achieve their maximum health and wellness potential and reduce threats to quality of life related to greater urbanization among other social responsibilities.

The bottom line is that before anyone judge’s Money Mayweather, I encourage all to take a deeper look Beyond the Bling to see what’s really going on and how he really impacts the community at large. Yes, Floyd Money Mayweather is young, black, and famous and YES he cares about the well being of the community at large.


¡Juan Manuel Marquez batirá Floyd Mayweather esta noche!

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Proporcionaremos actualizaciones de la lucha a la lucha esta noche. Los combatientes no han caminado en el anillo todavía. Los contamos con en el anillo de 8:45 PM PST. La estancia templó a la derecha aquí para su redondo por las actualizaciones redondas. Pensamos que Juan Manuel Marquez puede ganar éste. He’ combatiente resistente del S.A. ¡Buena suerte!

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September 19, 2009 at 8:41 pm

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