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How To Avoid Being Outsourced Out Of A Job

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With the economy the way that it is, there is no avoiding getting outsourced. All companies are trying to reduce overhead and save money. The first way to do this is to cut salaries, cut positions, and get rid of jobs or have the jobs sent to a country where labor is cheap.

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The only real way of countering this outsourcing problem is to make sure that you have skills or work in an industry or position where you cannot do the work in another location or country. If you’re thinking your job might be outsourced you need to keep all of your options open. If the company looks like they’re moving jobs away, they are. The first step is to NOT be in denial of this process.

When a corporation tells you they are moving to another country and downsizing, don’t believe that you are so special that they are going to keep you there. One day, they are simply going to come in and give you a 5 day notice. Corporations do this so that they keep you loyal and keep you in the job until they can gracefully move the job.

You must look for another job asap and don’t rest on your laurels. Too many Americans rest thinking that this will never happen to them. Many people on Wall Street felt this same way and my friends who work on Wall Street have been without a job or income for a year at times. You can’t rest. They will end the job. Be prepared by looking now or launching a business and really going hard on your business.

Gerard Spinks is the CEO of Spinks Industries; a web original content producer and online marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA USA.


Written by undagroundmilli

October 27, 2009 at 8:30 am

Grammy Atlanta Chapter Seeking Interns

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My dude Yamil Little is looking for interns in the Atlanta Chapter of The Grammy University. I am a Grammy member and I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone in Atlanta who is interested in learning how the insides of the music game works. Yamil Little is a good dude too and is a top producer and works with top producers as well. This posting comes from Yamil:

The Internship Program offers an opportunity for college students who are interested in careers in the recording industry to gain on-site training in programming, office administration, nonprofit management and membership development. The Academy compensates interns and gives college credit.

Candidates should be energetic, hard working and have aspirations of a career in the music industry or music education. Journalism students whose goal is to write for music publications are encouraged to apply. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and computer (Microsoft Word & Excel, WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3) experience is important.

Interns may assist the Recording Academy in a variety of professional and educational outreach programs and capacities including GRAMMY Foundation programs (i.e., GRAMMY in the Schools, Concert Series for Children, etc.), chapter newsletters, event planning, research and database management. In conjunction with this learning experience, interns will receive in-depth exposure to techniques and practices of a professional recording industry organization and perform administrative duties which may include membership mailings, photocopying, filing, faxing and answering phones.

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Be currently enrolled in a college/university as a junior, senior or graduate student.
Letter from school stating that intern will receive college credit for Recording Academy internship.
Display an interest in music and commitment to a career in the recording industry.
Possess strong verbal, written and analytical skills.
Exhibit computer skills, typing proficiency (a computer test may be required).


Internship duration is for a semester (12 weeks or equivalent).
Hours are part time (20 hours a week).
Intern will work on site during regular business hours as well as some evenings and weekends.
Internship provides an in-depth exposure to a professional recording organization’s techniques and practices.
Projects may include assistance with event management, educational programs (GRAMMY in the Schools), work on publications (newsletters), membership recruitment, database management, analysis (demographics study), marketing/PR and administrative office support.

Atlanta Grammy Recording Academy Internships

Atlanta Chapter

(404) 816-1380 p. (404) 816-1390 f

Gerard Spinks is the CEO of Spinks Industries; a web content producer and online marketing firm based in Atlanta, GA, USA.

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October 6, 2009 at 5:25 pm

American iPhone Application Architect

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Spinks Industries is looking for an iPhone and Mobile Platform Application Architect. Must be highly proficient with the iPhone SDK and have architected and built enterprise applications for the iPhone. The candidate must be an American citizen and must be highly proficient with designing application architecture, database architecture, and security layer architecture for the iPhone.

iPhone Application Architect needed

iPhone Application Architect needed

The individual must know how to design native iPhone applications that reside on the iPhone itself and applications that go across private intranets to query and update databases. Knowledge of Internet Security is a must have. This application must be like Fort Knox and never, ever have a security hole it or get breached by hackers as data is passed across the Internet.

Please contact us at Spinks Industries via email on our corporate site.

Written by undagroundmilli

October 1, 2009 at 1:40 pm