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Black Websites can implement analytics

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Google analytics can be used by all black owned businesses and black websites to measure the success of your web properties. For my corporate website, I have around 25 individual pages indexed by the google robot. I run analytics on every single individual page in order to test what’s working and what’s not working.

Using google analytics allows me to tell everything about my visitors who are coming to my website.

Black websites can improve using google analytics

Black websites can improve using google analytics

I can determine what state and country the visitor is coming from. I can determine what browser the user is using. I can tell what language is their default language. I can even tell down to what city they are coming from. These metrics provide a ton of business intelligence to me and I know how to craft my offerings to my web visitor and convert them from a visitor into a customer. I can also see how long they stay on my site.

Prior to using google analytics free software, people stayed on my site for roughly 10 seconds. Now, I can tell that people stay on my site for an average of 90 seconds which is a huge increase for me and allows me to know more about my customer and learn how to sell and market to him/her much more effectively. It is imperative that you know what your web visitor is doing.

Recently, I found that I was getting roughly 10 visitors per day from Taiwan and mainland China. In response, I quickly created a web page for China and converted the text to simplified chinese to keep these customers engaged and interested. My chinese visitors at first came and left within 3 seconds, primarily because they couldn’t understand the english on my page. When I changed it, the chinese visitors now stay for roughly 50 seconds. I’ll take the 50 versus the 3 seconds all day. The key is implementing google analytics though especially since it is free to do it.

You must have access to your web server and you must be able to install a piece of java script code at the end of your html on your site. If you need help, reach out to me and I will guide you through it.


How to use Google Analytics

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To truly put a pulse on how your website and marketing plans are working, it is a must to apply Google analytics immediately to your website. I wake up every morning at 5 am. I go to the refrigerator, make some hazelnut coffee with a shot of fat free hazelnut creamer. While the coffee is brewing and I’m getting my millionaire mindset together, I go to Google and log in to check my statistics for the previous day.

Spinks uses Hazelnut creamer to power his google analytics each A.M.

Spinks uses Hazelnut creamer to power his google analytics each A.M.

I have roughly 25 pages on my website and I have Google analytics embedded on every single last page on my website. I know exactly which pages are my top pages. I know where the web user came from to get to my web page. I know what browser they are using. I know what Google Adword Keywords were used to crawl and get to my web site. I know what country the user came from. I know what city in the country they came from and can visually see what city they are sitting in. I know if they browsed my site using Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. I can even tell what language they use on their computer to see my web site.

If you work from home, which most people do nowadays with the economy in a lurch, you need to know these statistics to know how to drive traffic to your website. You cannot know how to drive traffic to your website if you do not know where that traffic is coming from. Google analytics is the measurement that I use to know how to tweak my website and I tweak it every single morning while sipping on some hazelnut coffee that I’m drinking right now as I type this. It allows me to prepare and go for my morning ritual workout in the mountains of California comfortably because I know how to improve my website results each day.

Without these analytical tools, I would be literally shooting in the wind and having a website without knowing how well it’s doing and performing. As a coach of elite high school quarterbacks with the Nike Elite 11 training camps, this would be like teaching a kid how to quarterback but not knowing how to measure his results. It would be likened to telling him to throw the ball without knowing how to effectively read coverages and decipher defensive packages. You cannot win what you cannot measure. If you want to learn how to be successful and earn money online, Google analytics is the first line of free capabilities that you must deploy right now.