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Grammy Member Tiffany Cheri Price Releases Domestic Violence Book

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Singer/Songwriter Tiffany Cheri Price is writing one of the most potent books set to release spring of 2010. The Atlanta based singer/songwriter has penned her most powerful story to date: the story of the struggle and pain of surviving domestic violence.

Tiffany Cheri Price Domestic Violence Survival Book "I'm Strong Enough"

The book is loosely based on her personal experiences growing up and dealing with abusive situations and violence in the home. After years of holding this story in during a successful music career, she has decided to come out and share her story with other women who deal with this hidden secret.

Tiffany Cheri Price’s book, “I’m Strong Enough” will be released initially on her own publishing imprint and publishing company in Atlanta, GA, 2209 Publishing. This young lady is very brave and strong to share her story of triumph and give back to women who struggle with such a potentially deadly and secretive situation where often times the victim is simply too scared and too emotionally scarred to seek help and guidance.

Tiffany’s poignant book tells the story of witnessing the brutal gun beating of her mother before facing her own domestic abuser. As a domestic abuse survivor, Tiffany Cheri Price pledges “strength, wisdom, knowledge, experience, and encouragement” as domestic abuse victims pledge the words ‘I’m Strong Enough’. A portion of the proceeds of book sales will be donated to the Tiffany Cheri Price I’m Strong Enough Foundation which will assist abuse victims with rental assistance.

Ms. Price is also gearing up for speaking engagements across the southeast and the entire United States and speaks to women at conferences, colleges, prisons, and treatment centers. You can reach her directly for booking at


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April 8, 2010 at 7:41 pm