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Do People Think You Are A Fat Ugly Transexual?

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It doesn’t matter what they think. This was proven on P. Diddy’s Making His Band that I watched via Comcast two nights ago. Someone who is on the show has all of those so called things against them and they have the most talent of all background singers. I was so impressed that Diddy literally walked over to her and asked her directly what her sexual orientation was. He wanted to hear it for himself. It was very moving that Diddy, Andre Harrell, and Dallas Austin thought she had extreme talent.

The Spinks

The Spinks

This proves one simple truth: it’s not always what you look like. God has created you with a special super talent. Find it. Grow it. Become it. And don’t be afraid of the criticism.



Written by undagroundmilli

October 15, 2009 at 10:26 am

Do The Unthinkable and Unfathomable

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Everybody wants to harness how to be successful, now more than ever. Here’s the one secret that is elusive to almost the entire world: do the unthinkable to garner success for yourself and not anyone else. Don’t think about pleasing some corporation, your parents or some job. Think about going to the entire next level for you. Get off Twitter, go on a Facebook fast, and get some MASSIVE stuff crackin’ for yourself.

Candace Allen pictured Making it Happen for herself

Candace Allen pictured Making it Happen for herself

Years ago, I used to motivate my little sister Nandi Rene by singing a song to her when she was a little girl. The song went like this: “Make it happen for yourself.” I had a little tune for it which I will not bore you out of your mind with. I didn’t have to learn this from Russell Simmons, Rev. Run, Master P, or anyone. I learned this for myself. Do not rely on anyone else and take whatever you do to the next level for yourself and everyone else will come running to you and success is yours.

Here’s an example. In order to get myself into a position to beat out New York Yankee former catcher and current skipper Joe Girardi when we were both quarterbacks in high school, I started throwing the football everyday and would do it 500 times. How do I know? I counted every single throw that I made and had a log. I didn’t need some so called guru to tell me this. I did this on my own. I went WAY above and beyond to get results and make it happen for myself. I did the unthinkable. I spent the unthinkable hours providing myself with tools to make the coaches say “WOW!” But it wasn’t even about the coaches. It was about me. It is about YOU.

Make it happen and get things crackin for you. You don’t need anyone to achieve most things in life. I didn’t need a perfect life, a perfect father, a perfect house, or a perfect football field. I needed myself and I needed to throw the ball. That was my goal and I measured it. If you’re a writer and you truly write, finish your book or your script or your articles by Sunday. But do it in a gargantuan way. Do it MASSIVE. Do it NOW. Make it happen for yourself.

You Are What You Think About

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Back in the day, before all this new thought and The Secret was out, I read several great books from Shambala books in Berkeley, California. I read “As a Man Thinketh So Shall He Be” in 1991. I also read “The Art of War”, “The Art of Peace”, “Message to the Blackman”, “Metu Neter”, and “The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey”. All of these books that I read in 1991 made me know that you are what you think about. Action is tied to thought. Thoughts are tied to action.

The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Gerard Spinks' Thought Leader

The Honorable Marcus Garvey, my thought leader

Adisa Banjoko and I were voracious readers and subscribed to this mentality. People ask me, “Why The Underground Millionaire?” I am what I think about it and I am who I thought I was. My thoughts reverberate out into the universe. My thoughts synaptically connect to my like minded friends in Beijing, China, Israel, Brazil, Curacao, Oakland, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and Peoria, Illinois. Right now, people are reading this and come visit my site from Australia, Israel, Indonesia, Beijing, and Tokyo. I’m not kidding. I look at my stats every day and each morning at 5 am.

I wake up every day around 5 a.m. to start my wealth building and my millionaire mindset. Each day, I get a cup of hazelnut coffee, read the Harvard Business Review blogs, comment on the blogs, and check my Internet stats and start my business day. I work from 5 am – 9 am and then go for a 6 mile run. I am developing an application that I will sell for $3.8 – $15 million soon. Am I a millionaire? Most definitely. Am I successful? Most definitely. You are what you constantly think about and act upon. You can’t just think and not act. Action is the key piece to this thought process.

In the movie “The Secret”, the people magically thought about stuff but the film makers never tied the action into the thoughts. Thought without action is a dead man’s garden. I think, I do, I create, I put it out there. I risk. I persevere. I have patience. I wait. I act. I think. I do. I respond. I pitch. I measure. I sell. I think. I do. I put it out there. I risk. I have patience. I wait. I look. I see. I respond. I do. I love.

This action is the key to how to be successful in a forever turbulent world. A world where there is nothing left solid to believe in. A world where everyone is scared of losing a job and you can’t count on the recruiter to ever call you back. Ask me how I know. I live this world. Do I wait on this? No. I respond. I create. I do not sit idle waiting on my turn to be called. I am a quarterback. We wait for no man or woman for our success. You can bank on that.

Gerard Spinks, CEO, Spinks Industries

Complications of a Young Black Man

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I am a very interesting terrestrial being. I’m definitely not your average cat and I truly mean that. Sometimes, I’m super corporate and love pitching ideas, get funding, and do highly technical software engineering. Other times, I like bangin’ Tupac Ambitionz as a Ridah while mobbin’ through the Bay Area. Being a young black man is fairly tough in America. When I’m up in corporations, I’m always rare. You hear me? I’m always only a handful of young black men or women that do software development for major corporations.

Young Black Men and Women must fight to overcome

Young Black Men and Women must fight to overcome

I used to think that was cool and be infatuated with being the first young black something up in the corporate world. I’ve been shit on in corporations more times than you can think of. I’ve been let go from contracts and jobs when other people securely kept their jobs and livelihood intact (and I’m not talkin’ about this recession only). I stood by in Oakland when all the cops beat Rodney King to a pulp on video camera and they were all found NOT GUILTY. I’ve seen Sean Bell, another young black man, gunned down in the streets on the way to his wedding in New York and all the white cops free to live great lives.

I’ve seen Indians come into the marketplace and job place and look at me like I’m crazy and I remember a time when there was one Indian guy at the job in Oakland. No others at all. They weren’t even really in the country like that back in the early 1990’s. I had to fight against white people kicking me out of the corporation and fight Indians trying to keep me out of the corporation. All in all, it seems like the world loves to have a young black man poor, stripped of everything and broke like you ain’t shit. It’s true. Trust me.

To counteract all this American bullshit, I’ve had to become an entrepreneur and learn how to make my money outside of these clearly racist corporations. I had to think to win or sink or swim. I had to find out how a young black man makes it in this world without depending upon others for my sustenance. Hasn’t been easy but I encourage all young black men and women to think for themselves. Corporate America which is now Indian America loves to have us be the last cats in the job. With Indians doing the hiring, every single time they see me, they decide I have no skills even though I know way more than them. I’ve truly been forced to think on my feet. Improvise. Think wisely and smartly every single day so that I can feed and have a great life for me and my daughter.

I spend a great deal of time on her and her education because I know the world would rather see me and her as broke ass niggas. I know this for fact. I am a recipient of it and have lost thousands of dollars and lost personal belongings because of this reality in America. The thing is though, these negative people and influences cannot stop a true leader. A true leader learns to overcome all this bullshit that’s thrown at us and learns to hit curve balls and off speed pitches. America will always try to render us the Walmart worker and have us not make shit. We must overcome this and make money on our own without depending upon corporate systems to always get a job.

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September 12, 2009 at 11:31 pm

Master P success stories from Oakland

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In 1991, I was deep in the bay area hip hop music scene. I had met Master P over at my people’s business; Phunky Phat GraphX at Underwood Works in deep East Oakland. At the time, I ran a hip hop clothing company called Tribe Zulu Sports. All of my friends were doing hip hop music out of necessity. Hip Hop record labels had closed their doors on black music.

Master P, JT the Bigga Figga, Rappin’ 4Tay, E40, Adisa Banjoko and others were all my friends who would wear my clothing line to their shows, on stage, in front of cameras, and on Chuck Johnson’s Soul Beat black television show in Oakland. At the time, Master P was struggling like we all were to learn how to be a millionaire and and be a successful entrepreneur.

I was busy emulating FUBU and Karl Kani and trying to get my clothes on the backs of every single West Coast Rapper that I knew which was everyone. With the help of my staff that included Leah Harmony, Adisa Banjoko of the Hip Hop Chess Federation, and Jon Paul Champion, I would slowly build a good reputation and sell my clothes into retailers in the San Francisco Bay area. I also worked with my boi Lauchlan McIntyre who owned the 4080 hip hop magazine out of Santa Cruz/Berkeley California.

Master P and his brothers used to come to my house in East Oakland, have barbecue’s, and play basketball together. We used to always chop it up about black owned business and what it took to grow our young black business into a success. Being a business entrepreneur was not easy and Master P had gone through some crazy situations with this white dude Jason Blaine who ran a label called In A Minute records over off San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, near Your Black Muslim Bakery.

The one thing P and I used to always discuss was marketing and how to become a millionaire through merchandising of clothes. At first, Master P wore my hip hop clothing line Tribe Zulu clothes at his shows and when he filmed his videos of The Ghetto’s Tryin to Kill Me. After our discussions about the clothing industry and mainly about merchandising as it came to rap artists, he decided that he should create his own hip hop clothing line No Limit Clothing and wear all of his own shit.

We used to always say to ask the question “what do I need you for” when doing business in order to cut all business expenses and become a successful entrepreneur. From these early discussions with my friend, Master P, I really learned that being a millionaire is a having a millionaire mindset. Being a millionaire is not necessarily what you have today. Master P came to my studio in an old Pinto car that has mother owned. He drove to me so he could pick up gear that I gave out to him and his brothers before their shows. We were all broke at the time but we had a millionaire mind. The rest is history.

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September 11, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Underground Millionaire

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Market Survival Book

Market Survival Book

Wanted to introduce my fans to author Gerard Spinks. I am a writer and publisher of all of my book titles. I have written three seminal writings “How To Be Rich, Nicca”, “The Ballers Guide to Major Figure$”, and “The Poor Mans Guide to the Rich Mans World”.

All of my titles are self-help books designed for the urban entrepreneur. My books are designed for the inner city, urban person who is very entrepreneurial and needs to know exactly how to bootstrap their business and make money out of very hard conditions and situations. 

Why are these books focused on the inner city?  I grew up in the inner city.  I grew up with just my mother and my siblings.  I grew up on food stamps and welfare checks.  I became a millionaire without all of the things that everyone said that I needed as a kid.  I did NOT do this with a strong father figure and with a trust fund.  I made money from super hard work, a super belief in God, a super MOTHER, and a super EFFORT to succeed.  

I learned how to put the right people around me to get to my goals.  I learned how to goal set and actualize those goals with the help of God.  I am NOW giving that back to the inner city and all of my fans.  I came from NO MONEY, made a lot of money in the Silicon Valley as a software developer of XML software, lost a lot of money when the market tanked, and climbed back up the hill to make money again and still building.

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April 25, 2009 at 3:13 pm