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Kate Gosselin Signs Eight Little Faces Book

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Kate Gosselin was at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach signing copies of her new book “Eight Little Faces“.

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October 27, 2009 at 5:44 pm

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Author Teri Woods Slaps $1B Lawsuit on NYC Night Club

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World renowned fiction writer, Teri Woods, has slapped popular New York City Night club Greenhouse with a $1 Billion class action discrimination lawsuit reports the New York Daily News. Teri Woods is the author of the hit book series “True To The Game” and has ascended to popularity with her books. Her new book, “Alibi” was just released and she was set to host a star studded event at the New York City night club.

The author’s friends were denied entry into Greenhouse on the night of the event due to race, sexism, and even weight discrimination. Read the entire story from the New York Daily News.

Teri Woods' New Book Alibi

Teri Woods' New Book Alibi

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October 19, 2009 at 6:27 am

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My Brother, My Keeper

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Reflections on my birthday. I was born some time ago, today, September 26. I didn’t have the greatest of personal upbringings due to being in a single parent household but today I give glory for that household and the people who raised me. The bible begs the question “Am I my brothers keeper?” The answer to this question is very personal for people and one that dives deep into religion and philosophy.

Hollywood Actor Jeronimo Spinx to appear on CBS' Criminal Minds

Hollywood Actor Jeronimo Spinx to appear on CBS' Criminal Minds

I was the youngest boy growing up in my household. I have two brothers and one sister. My oldest brother James Lee Spinks was much older than my other two siblings as my mother had him 16 years before her next child, Jeronimo Spinx. My brother Jeronimo and I did everything together. He was a few years older than me but really served as my leader, my big bro, and in a role as my father even though he wasn’t too much older than me.

My mother put him in this role to lead our family due to personal reasons that I am writing in a movie script and book deal. Jeronimo was it. He had to do the grocery shopping, sign the checks because my mother couldn’t read and write, he had to speak to the teachers regarding me sometimes, and overall keep me in check at school and protect me in my neighborhood in Peoria, Illinois.

Jeronimo Spinx was my defacto leader and I learned everything from him. He taught me frisbee, electric football, and how to play football. He was a power lifter in high school and won trophies that inspired me to then follow him into powerlifting meets. He was friends with two kid leaders that would also become my inspiration and lift me up: Brad Blakey and Mike McLaughlin. Because my brother knew them, the seniors in high school didn’t haze me as bad when I was a sophomore.

My brother Jeronimo has gone on to have an illustrious career as an actor in Hollywood California and starred on the FOX hit series 24 and is starring this October 2009 on CBS’s Criminal Minds. But more than that for me, this cat was my leader and my hero. Without him, I would not have made it to where I am today. He did not have to be my keeper yet he did despite feeling crazy himself in a whirlwind household steeped in depression, loneliness, and erratic mood swinging behavior from our moms.

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Avoiding Internet Crimes and Scandals

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In this day and age, anyone can hide behind a computer and pretend to be the Executive of the Year dishing out Executive Orders like they are President Obama. I recently interviewed a woman from Boston, Massachusetts who lost her entire life savings to an Internet Crime Syndicate from Nigeria. Before you cast stones and say how careless this poor lady was, listen to her story and how she got sucked into one of the greatest Internet crime stories in history.

Beware Internet Crimes and Scandals promising Riches and Wealth

Beware Internet Crimes and Scandals promising Riches and Wealth

Maude and her husband James had worked all their lives. They were savers and regularly saved 20% of their income since they were in their 20’s. After 40 years of work, they had a nice little nest egg saved up for retirement and planned on moving to Florida to retire and leave the cold Boston winters behind. They deserved it. They lived a simple life. Had two kids who are grown now and saved over $250,000 in cash.

They knew they wanted their money to grow and while James was still working for the final year and a half at his job, Maude decided to attempt to try to grow their nest egg into something more sizable that they could live off off for at least 20 more years, God willing. Maude decided to use a venture capital networking site via the Internet that she figured she trusted due to their reputation or what she thought was a good reputation.

She put out her executive summary and was surprised when an investor reached out to her saying he was with a UK investment firm and loved her business plan. He said he wanted to invest. She was excited and really wanted to put her money into good use and start making passive income and building more wealth with her hard earned savings.

The UK firm sent her a term sheet within a week after they reviewed her business plan and did their due diligence. They sent her a due diligence sheet that outlined what she needed in order for them to invest. She also received an official term sheet from Barclay’s Bank in London with their seal on it saying that she was approved for $950,000. The UK Investment firm made arrangement to fly to Boston, Massachusetts to meet up with her and close the deal.

She told her husband James and he was excited too. She wanted to surprise him and hold off on telling him until all documents were proven official. She sent the term sheet, offer letter, and due diligence sheets to her lawyer of 30 years and he blessed the documents coming from Barclay’s Bank as legitimate and official. The UK firm scheduled the day they were supposed to meet in Boston.

The day of their meet up, the UK Investment firm called and said they could not make it and that she needed to wire $5,000 to London so that they could finish the financing. At this point, she was so excited about the money that she wired it to them without hesitation as they gave her an escrow company to wire it to. (to be continued)

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Internet Secrets Revealed

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I see tons of people trending on the Internet claiming they have found the secret ingredient to Internet millions. One dude claimed that he found the secret that Google will never tell you and that he will give it to you for a mere $47 despite the fact that he charged over $3,000 for an event that he had somewhere in Connecticut. Yeah right.

He says he is offering his secret to the first 100 people who will sign up or something silly like that. Yeah right. He knows if he can sell his secret to 100,000 people online and get them convinced that he has inside game he makes $4,700,000 this month alone.

Internet Secrets revealed

Internet Secrets revealed

There are no Internet super anti-Google secrets. There is no secret to Google’s algorithm that will always place you in the top Google search results for any keyword you feel like marketing and advertising with. That dude is always at the top because he is clocking enough money to outbid everyone else for most popular keywords and stay at the top. He is paying, point blank. Here’s the real secret to Internet success:

Wake up every day and write an article. Do not make it a sales pitch. No one likes sales pitches at all anymore. If you write sales pitch text on the Internet, you will have people stay on your ad or on your article for a maximum of 3 seconds! No joke. I said 3 SECONDS! You have to work extremely hard at building your brand. No one will buy from you until they see you out there swimming in the Internet channel for awhile. This while could be anywhere from 4 months to 2 years. Hate to burst your bubble. There’s no such thing as a quick fix. If you need a check and need money by next week, I would not look at the Internet as a viable source of income.

Internet success like anything worth doing, takes a very long time to master. It takes constant effort and constant tweaking. It takes you to get used to writing and it takes you to break out your Thesaurus and your Dictionary to come up with new words. You must not have sales speak and sell someone the latest greatest wiz bang toy or opportunity. You will not get rich quickly and pay your mortgage by next week. This takes time just like any other true passive income form. If you want to get better, practice, practice, practice. There’s no other way and no other quick path to wealth. Just because there are 200,000 users creating Twitter and Facebook accounts each day does not mean that you have a sure path of buyers and consumers.

You must build a reputation and trust on the Internet more than ever. There are so many scams on the Internet it’s not even funny. So, you must fight through the scams by building a solid reputation before anyone buys from you.

18 Year Old African American girl launches Bay Area Business

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18 year old Deer Valley high school graduate Ronnisha Jordan was tired of looking for a job while going to school and decided to do the only thing any red blooded American youngster following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus would do, launch her own business. This young enterprising entrepreneur was ready for a challenge after graduating from high school in the San Francisco Bay Area and thought she could do it on her own.

After watching her mother run her successful real estate business and encouraged by that success, she decided to launch a business painting children’s faces for their birthday parties.

18 year entrepreneur Ronnisha Jordan

18 year entrepreneur Ronnisha Jordan

But this young successful entrepreneur didn’t just stop there. She conceived of the idea all on her own and went as far as posting a service ad on popular social website and within a day she received a dozen emails in response to the advertisement. Ms. Jordan was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell her mother, Tish Johnson, who is a hard worker and entrepreneur herself. Ronnisha Jordan told her mother the idea, told her that people had contacted her, and her mother was elated. Her mother said “I always knew Ronnisha would be successful because she’s highly driven to succeed. I just want her to be careful with the Internet and posting services on there but other than that, I’m very happy that she knows how to be entrepreneurial herself and not wait around for people.”

Ronnisha Jordan is also taking acting classes, has done hair modeling for well known hair product companies and is auditioning for a play and beauty pageant in San Francisco, California in October. This girl has it going on and will reach the stars!

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Free Plaxico Burress Now; Black Men Protect Ya Neck

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I cannot stand the fact that they have Plaxico Burress going to jail. This in and of itself is a hate crime. Click here to see the interview NOW!

Why are the NYPD cops who shot Sean Bell living a free life and they murdered someone in cold blood. Now Plax is in jail because he shot himself! Let me go run and not think about this. The witchhunt continues on the young black famous male. I said it before and I’ll say it again publicly: Black Men Protect Ya Neck and Lay Low!

They want us in jail and they want us in jail right now! Plax said his bail went from $10,000 to $250,000 in 3 minutes and they had already made a deal with the prosecutor to get out of the situation until a wealthy, rich, white boy Bloomberg got in the game and announced it on TV.