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Underground Millionaire

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Market Survival Book

Market Survival Book

Wanted to introduce my fans to author Gerard Spinks. I am a writer and publisher of all of my book titles. I have written three seminal writings “How To Be Rich, Nicca”, “The Ballers Guide to Major Figure$”, and “The Poor Mans Guide to the Rich Mans World”.

All of my titles are self-help books designed for the urban entrepreneur. My books are designed for the inner city, urban person who is very entrepreneurial and needs to know exactly how to bootstrap their business and make money out of very hard conditions and situations. 

Why are these books focused on the inner city?  I grew up in the inner city.  I grew up with just my mother and my siblings.  I grew up on food stamps and welfare checks.  I became a millionaire without all of the things that everyone said that I needed as a kid.  I did NOT do this with a strong father figure and with a trust fund.  I made money from super hard work, a super belief in God, a super MOTHER, and a super EFFORT to succeed.  

I learned how to put the right people around me to get to my goals.  I learned how to goal set and actualize those goals with the help of God.  I am NOW giving that back to the inner city and all of my fans.  I came from NO MONEY, made a lot of money in the Silicon Valley as a software developer of XML software, lost a lot of money when the market tanked, and climbed back up the hill to make money again and still building.


Written by undagroundmilli

April 25, 2009 at 3:13 pm