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Black Girls Rock New York City

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Black Girls Rock is a program in New York City that is a mentoring outreach program targeting at risk teenage youth and women of color. The charity was established to promote the arts and encourage dialogue about the images of women of color in hip hop music and culture.

Black Girls Rock seeks to raise the self-esteem and self worth of these young ladies thereby changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons and helping them to empower themselves.

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Gerard Spinks is the CEO of Spinks Industries; an original web content producer and online marketing agency in Atlanta, GA USA.


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April 4, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Where Has Macy Gray Been Hiding?

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Macy Gray’s daughter Tahmel Hinds pushes the cart for her mom as they head to the car after grocery shopping at Ralphs supermarket on in Los Angeles, Ca on December 13, 2009. Chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon in LA is the way to go. Can’t wait to see what work Macy comes out with next.
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April 3, 2010 at 7:35 pm

The Dallas Cowboys Do It In 3D

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Fans wear special glasses as they view a 3D broadcast during the third quarter of the Dallas Cowboys San Diego Chargers game on December 13, 2009 in Arlington, Texas. The broadcast was the first ever public demonstration of HDlogix real time conversion of 2D HDTV video into 3D and was shown on the Cowboys Stadium’s giant Mitsubishi video boards.
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December 13, 2009 at 9:56 pm

How To Survive Living a Black Dangerous Life

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Being black in America has proven to be very dangerous and deadly in 2009. High school kids have been killed, athletes have been jailed, and rappers are being put behind bars at a faster pace than ever before.
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Here’s what to do to stay alive and survive in America. Education, education, education. I cannot say it any clearer. Your opportunities increase exponentially with education. I’m talking about finishing high school with a good grade point average, going on to college and graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science type of degree, and heading on to business school.

No more excuses. There are all types of programs and grants and loans available to get an education today. President Obama has made sure of that. It’s now in the hands of black youth to take action and get educated. This is a state of emergency and must be implemented immediately.

Anyone who lives in the ‘hood should move. I suggest moving as far away from the ghetto as possible as this increases your life expectancy greatly. The ghetto is filled with strife, anger, despair, and destitution. Time for change and time to leave that behind. It’s time for a new way of life and a new glory. Get out of the ‘hood mentality, get educated, and no more excuses. You owe yourself glory and greatness.

Gerard Spinks is the CEO of Spinks Industries; a web content developer and online marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA USA. You can get started with a comprehensive marketing plan at

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October 25, 2009 at 11:59 am

David Letterman’s President Obama Top Ten List –

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I sure was black before the election just like President Obama. Here’s the Top Ten reasons why President Obama showed up on the David Letterman show. David Letterman is a great dude. I’ve watched him ever since I was a kid and he’s a great sport in interviewing President Obama. The thing I love about President Obama is that he has a natural sense of humor as well and can roll with the punches with Mr. Letterman and his audience.

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The Underground Millionaire News Syndicate - hit me on Twitter

The Underground Millionaire News Syndicate - hit me on Twitter

Sesame Street goes on USO Military Tour

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Now this is some great news! Two years ago, I had the pleasure and great opportunity to work with the USO in Manhattan New York for my artist Tiffany Cheri Price when she also did a USO tour and performed for our troops at Webster Hall in New York.

Now, Sesame Street is going on a USO TOUR!

Sesame Street on USO Military Tour

Sesame Street on USO Military Tour

Who isn’t a Sesame Street fan? What? Morgan Freeman even got his start acting on Sesame Street and this great American brand is taking the show on the road to troops across the world and their families and kids. I’m really excited about this because when I was on a contract down at Eisenhower Army Hospital at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA, I met so many great soldiers and men and women who were deployed and coming back from deployment to Iraq.

I got up close and personal working in the hospital on a HIPAA project where I taught and interacted with all hospital staff at Eisenhower. I met so many young men and women who I was just shocked to see supporting and fighting for our country. From doctors, to nurses, to hospital clerks, to mobile army hospital workers. I met and worked with Brigadier Generals and young army soldiers.

The thing I learned most is that there are tons of families on base at Army facilities. I met people who were deployed to Japan and left with their wife and 3 young kids in a 48 hour notice. Then, I went over to the PX where parents were shopping for school and was blown away. There were so many families shopping, chillin, and eating over at Popeye’s Chicken it was insane. I was opened up to an Army life world that I had never known. I quickly saw how this was real life. Real war fought be real regular people with children. Men and women that have a 3 year old child and who are deployed but their wife or husband live on base.

Sesame Street is so necessary as there are thousands of families and kids on bases throughout the world. Many of these families are on bases in other continents and feel a feeling of isolation because they are disconnected from America’s mainland. Giving them a bit of Sesame Street gives them a feeling of America and something to connect to and hang on to as well as enjoyment by their kids. This gets a HUGE thumbs up by the United States Army and USO.

Money Lessons from a $2 Million Per Month Drug Kingpin

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Man, you can learn anything from anybody. Seriously. This is not an endorsement of anyone selling drugs to the community. The lesson lies in the story. Some names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. While running my entertainment record label, I run across many interesting people. Many of these people drive Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s and always claim that they made a grip from the music industry and that they are a high level producer that produces mega hits.

The Continental Bentley GT

The Continental Bentley GT

Some people I believe especially if I know their history, most I do not believe. I met this one dude who had a very nice Bentley, a Range Rover, a Jaguar, and a Mercedes Benz S500. Young dude. He said he was a music mogul yet I had never heard of his name and I’ve been around some big names in music directly including Master P and many Bay Area legends like E40, Too Short, etc. I hadn’t heard of him. He introduced himself to me through some producers in the big city. They called him Big Cat. Big Cat had it going on. He was putting on huge concerts in the city. Throwing elaborate parties where he was able to book top name hip hop artists and models regularly with no problem. He had the cash on hand to easily book the venue up front and book the talent.

Big Cat had mad respect in the recording music and fashion industries. He would go to Vegas and get escorted into the casinos because the hotel staff new of him as a big spender. When I say big spender, I mean dropping $50,000 gambling on a Friday and Saturday night with no question. Money was never an issue. He spent it as fast as it came. I was always looking at him questionable and wondering what type of music he was involved in since I was heavy in the game and pinching pennies and trying to get all of my artists roster out into the market.

Big Cat ended up getting arrested and a life prison sentence as the cities largest heroine dealer clocking $2 Million per month in cash profits. What he did was unbelievable to get in that position. The drug kingpin before him was murdered. He had no experience in the game. He saw an opening and filled a niche. He recruited and organized a strong team of players around him who knew the street game well and paid them well. They made alliances with top level gang leaders and gave them a cut of the deal. The gang leaders would make sure that he was safe where ever he went in the city because they got a cut. He knew business very well and could damn near run a corporation better than the folks at Lehman and Goldman Sachs.

He understood team dynamics and how to build successful and loyal team members and alliances. He knew how to get the product cheap, add value to it, and sell it for a cheap price as well and get more customers. Yes, it kills the community but the point is that he knew to organize people and develop a business plan around his sales efforts. He even knew to build alliances inside the police organizations so he knew what was going on in there as well. My point? Get highly organized. If a major drug dealer can organize a team of people and mobilize people around a common goal, you can too. He took big risks that I would never take but I saw how someone was not afraid to go after something they wanted.