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Mercedes Benz Armor Protection for Black Men #hiphop

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When I say protect ya neck, I mean it. Here’s the specs on the Mercedes Benz armored vehicle. This car will protect you from 9 MM and .44 Magnums. This will keep Plaxico and others safe. Do it now. Don’t go to jail. I’m serious.

Mercedes Benz Armored Vehicle E-guard

Mercedes Benz Armored Vehicle E-guard

“A brother of the Mercedes-Benz S Guard, the E Guard class represents itself as very safe, reliable and luxurious armored car which comes fully armored from a production line. The B4 protection level protects passengers from hand guns such as 9mm gun, 0.357 Magnum, 0.44 Magnum with speeds up to 440 m/s.

Production of the model series W 211 started in the year 2002 and continues until today (2007). The E Guard models use 4 types of engine; the E320 and E500 (both of which were released in 2002*), E350 (2005*) and E320 CDI (2006*). Unlike the S 600 Guard class with B6/B7 armoring protection and speed electronically limited to 210 km/h, the E class’ weight is 2580 kgs (see the table below for more details) which makes it possible to reach a maximum speed of 240 km/h which is also electronically limited.

Due to it’s armor weight, the Mercedes-Benz E Guard cars use the Anti-Dive system which prevents the vehicle suspension from deflecting. Such deflects are caused by braking, when the front wheels and wheelbase get put under enormous pressure. Naturally, similar forces develop on the rear wheels and wheelbase during the acceleration process which is why the Anti-Squat system is also used there. Anti-Squat is simply the same system as Anti-Dive, but designed for the rear.”

Protect Ya Neck out there

Protect Ya Neck out there


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