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The little known Black American Success Secret

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Most black Americans and African-Americans have never heard of The Jack and Jill organization that has been around for 100 years. I went to a Jack and Jill event in the highly exclusive Blackhawk country club in the San Francisco Bay area several years ago and was blown away. I was invited by a friend of mine who owned a carpet cleaning business in Concord, CA and was the head of The Black Families organization that I was a member of. He said “G, you’ve got to come to this event. You belong at it.” I said sure. I had been looking at houses in Blackhawk and dreamed of possibly living in the exclusive gated community in Danville, CA one day next to E-40, Gary Payton, and several other prominent Bay Area African-Americans.

BlackHawk Country Club Bay Area, CA

BlackHawk Country Club Bay Area, CA

We went to the black tie affair excited and ready to meet some really good and interesting folks and have a great time. I walk into the Country Club and everyone was hopping out of Limousines, high end Mercedes Benz’s, BMW’s, Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, etc. I knew I would fit right in! As I’m walking in, I see some friends of mine in the doorway who were the talent for the night. For this party, they had my friend Dwayne Wiggins of Toni, Tone, Tony and some ballet dancer friends of my ex-wife. We stopped, had a drink with them and kept it moving to enjoy the party.

This was awesome to see and a sight truly to bear witness to. It was a group of executive black business men and women. Hire powered business people who ran businesses in both Northern California, Southern California, and nationwide. I met executives from Black Enterprise Magazine, American Express, and other top level CEO’s.

A couple of gentlemen asked me what I was drinking while I was in this little lounge area of the country club. I said “Henny with a splash of coke”. These dudes were the truth. We sat and talked about the Jack and Jill Organization and how they belonged to a “secret society” of African Americans who are highly successful and who believe in building that success in their kids.

They believe in ensuring their children have a high level of education and mingling with other children who also belong to the Jack and Jill Foundation. They believed that I was the caliber of individual who belonged in their inner circle.

Talk about a compliment. I’ve never had a more potent compliment in my life to this day. The Jack and Jill Foundation is a great organization and has roots in Strivers Row in the Washington DC area. Everything about Jack and Jill is good. They are committed to the improvement of black america life and they are committed to building success within the young black youth. I will definitely have my daughter be in this highly esteemed African American organization.


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