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FUBU and COOGI owner Daymond John on ABC’s Shark Tank

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Daymond John knows branding. I used to wear FUBU clothing all the time back in the day. At Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta and Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia, GA, I see COOGI all over the place on all young black kids. He is definitely visible and out there in the market. The thing I like about Daymond John is that he’s a great business man with the heart and passion to be an entrepreneur and give his knowledge back via his book “Display of Power”.

Daymond John's Display of Power Book

Daymond John's Display of Power Book

In Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle, Daymond John (Founder and CEO) gets to the heart of his unlikely run to the top of the fashion world, and shines compelling light on what it takes to succeed-from the dizzying street corners of his old neighborhood to the dazzling corner offices of corporate America-and what it takes to harness and display the power that resides in us all.

Not only did I get his book but I also subscribe to his Power Journal where he provides a journal and tips on success. I mean, let’s get this straight: a young black brotha whose companies make over $300 million annually world wide with an office on the top floors of the Empire State Building! What? I can’t wait to interview this cat for my Beyond the Bling Radio show which I have personally booked him on. We are also developing some software for him as well.

Shark Tank is the truth. Everyone should watch it in America. It comes on at 9 PM EST on ABC and 9PM out on the West Coast as well on Sunday. It will be moving to Tuesdays in a couple of weeks. The other sharks are good too and I learn a lot from watching the show. These are some high powered cats that you can really learn from. I love the elevator pitch style as that’s how I basically learned to pitch my company in the Silicon Valley in front of venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto. It’s not easy and definitely nerve racking but it’s worth it if you have a solid business idea, make money, and can show an investor a potential large market or the fact that you serve a niche market very well.

Gerard Spinks is the CEO of Spinks Industries, a web content developer, internet marketing, and advertising firm in Atlanta, GA.


Written by undagroundmilli

September 13, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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